Week 9 – 2024

Monday 9:00 PM
White Gloves vs Soul Glo
2 Box Score 8
Monday 10:30 PM
Pointless Visors vs Fat & Smooths
8 Box Score 4
Tuesday 7:20 PM
Man Bear Pigs vs Jorts
0 Box Score 7
Tuesday 8:55 PM
Bobbleheads vs A-Trains
6 Box Score 6
Tuesday 10:30 PM
Can Mans vs Stargazers
3 Box Score 3

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24 days ago

Uh-oh, MBP 7-0 loss??? Down goes Frazier, Down goes Frazier!!!

Thomas the Tanked
Thomas the Tanked
24 days ago

Highlights of Carr and Big White passing to each other last night:

Jort lord
Jort lord
24 days ago

Way to many Ties this year! It’s time we bring the shootout to the WSL

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