Tournament Day – 2023

Saturday 9:15 AM
Dummies vs Spaceballs
Saturday 10:50 AM
Delta House vs Loopers
Saturday 12:25 PM
Prestige Worldwide vs McDowell's
Saturday 1:40 PM
Rollers vs Griswolds
Saturday 2:55 PM
Wolfpack vs Amigos
Saturday 4:15 PM
Loopers vs Spaceballs
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Valeri Zelepukin
Valeri Zelepukin
11 months ago

Greetings from a very fluid foxhole. It is similar to the former ladies locker room at Wissahickon Skating Club. But you wonen prefer to be called men, even though you pee in sitting down. This upsets me and Mother Russia. Speaking of Mother Russia, Wagner Group is couping. I do not know if you can understand the severity of the situation here. To put it in terms you weak, round Americans understand, imagine if commissioner Burnsov declared war on his captain, Jenksvov. Sure it would be fun to watch the two has-beens battle, but it is bad when you realize that the winner may end up with nuclear capability. Sad when our dads fight.

But I promise accurate predictions and I will deliver. Like a Belurussian tactical nuke. No one will be spared.

Dummies versus Spaceballs This is best reason for WSLer to get up early since Kyiv air raid sirens went off in February. Get into the Metro you peasants! This matchup features two most talented players in league. A neutralization of the top two should favor Spaceballs. But I predict if Carr skates, he shocks Spaceballs. Dummies 6, Spaceballs 5.

The second semifinal will be as exciting as watching your own paramilitary group fight the Russian Ministry of Defense. Fireworks, for sure. But also blood. Lots of blood. Can Loopers slow down the Big White Helmet? Nyet. But Loopers race like tank on boulevard in Moscow. Rainbows bad, Loopers good. Another tight game, but Loopers prevail.

In final, it a battle of attrition, like steel plant in Ukraine. But with less vodka. In end, deeper Loopers prevail. As ordinary, most violence will be in parking lot where total war declared on liver. Who will fall down hill? Who will be ugliest mess? Will I make appearance? Not even Valeri knows these answers.

And to the golfers, please refrain from bringing pieces of course to parking lot.This is not the LIV Tour, have some decorum.