Tournament Day – 2022

Saturday 9:15 AM
Wild Turkey vs Jägermeister
Saturday 10:50 AM
Grey Goose vs Jack Daniels
Saturday 12:25 PM
Capt. Morgan vs Crown Royal
Saturday 1:40 PM
Espolòn vs Fireball
Saturday 2:55 PM
酒 (Sake) vs Absinthe
Saturday 4:15 PM
Jack Daniels vs Jägermeister

Week 10 – 2022

Tuesday 7:20 PM
Espolòn vs Capt. Morgan
7 Box Score 2
Tuesday 8:55 PM
Grey Goose vs Jack Daniels
4 Box Score 7
Tuesday 10:30 PM
Wild Turkey vs Fireball
7 Box Score 10

Spring League Covid Update:

Attention Spring Leaguers: We have experienced a recent surge in spring league players testing positive for Covid in the past 10 days. If you have any symptoms please get tested and do not play or attend games unless you receive a negative test. It is also probably worth mentioning that it is best if locker room time be cut down in favor of time in the stands or outside where COVID is less easily spread. The Rink will be aggressively “purging” the rink air for increased safety (bringing in outside air every hour). Folding chairs and benches at rink surround are also available for those wanting to avoid locker rooms altogether. It’s important that we do not ruin what has thus far been a very competitive season by having outbreaks that affect playoff seeding or games. Let’s contain it to the best of our ability now.


WSL Management

Week 9 – 2022

Monday 9:00 PM
Fireball vs Jägermeister
3 Box Score 5
Monday 10:30 PM
Capt. Morgan vs Wild Turkey
0 Box Score 8
Tuesday 7:20 PM
Grey Goose vs Absinthe
6 Box Score 11
Tuesday 8:55 PM
Espolòn vs 酒 (Sake)
3 Box Score 3
Tuesday 10:30 PM
Jack Daniels vs Crown Royal
5 Box Score 6

Sign Up for Spring League 2022

It’s back, it’s surprisingly well run and you love it! Spring League 2022 is happening.

  • 13 league games (one more than last season) + 1 preseason game and playoffs
  • Games scheduled for Mondays, Tuesdays and select Saturdays
  • Draft scheduled for Saturday, March 5th
  • League Fee is $350 and includes jersey
  • Registration Deadline is Thursday, February 25th
  • Tournament Day is Saturday, June 18th

Payment details to follow.