Saturday #2 – 5/8

Saturday 1:15 PM
Tigers vs Trix Rabbits
1 Box Score 10
Saturday 2:50 PM
Boo Berries vs Rice Krispies
9 Box Score 1
Saturday 4:20 PM
Crunches vs Frankenberries
8 Box Score 2

Week 3

Monday 9:15 PM
Trix Rabbits vs Lucky Charms
1 Box Score 4
Monday 10:45 PM
Boo Berries vs Counts
9 Box Score 4
Tuesday 7:20 PM
Toucans vs Frankenberries
6 Box Score 6
Tuesday 8:55 PM
Rice Krispies vs Honey Nut Bees
1 Box Score 4
Tuesday 10:30 PM
Crunches vs Tigers
6 Box Score 1

Saturdays are BACK!

Saturday 1:15 PM
Counts vs Lucky Charms
8 Box Score 4
Saturday 2:50 PM
Honey Nut Bees vs Toucans
3 Box Score 2

Week 2

Monday 9:15 PM
Frankenberries vs Boo Berries
7 Box Score 4
Monday 10:45 PM
Honey Nut Bees vs Tigers
2 Box Score 4
Tuesday 7:20 PM
Rice Krispies vs Trix Rabbits
2 Box Score 11
Tuesday 8:55 PM
Counts vs Crunches
2 Box Score 13
Tuesday 10:30 PM
Lucky Charms vs Toucans
8 Box Score 6

Tuesday, April 20th

Tuesday 7:20 PM
Tigers vs Lucky Charms
2 Box Score 3
Tuesday 8:55 PM
Boo Berries vs Honey Nut Bees
2 Box Score 5
Tuesday 10:30 PM
Frankenberries vs Trix Rabbits
3 Box Score 10

Monday, April 19th – It’s been too long

Monday 9:15 PM
Toucans vs Counts
10 Box Score 3
Monday 10:45 PM
Crunches vs Rice Krispies
3 Box Score 7

2021 Rosters Announced

Yesterday, Sunday, April 11th saw the 2021 Wissahickon Spring League draft completed. Each team was able to protect a base of players from the previous 2020 draft and then fill in the spots.

Check out the each team’s page and then weigh in with who you think has the best team on paper.

The league starts on Monday, April 19th. The full schedule is also available. Team schbedules are available on each team’s page.

Update: There is a downloadable schedule on each team page which can be added to your online calendar of choice.

Key Dates for 2021

Mark your calendars now for these important dates so you don’t wind up getting stuck in couples pottery class or picking up your crumb-snatching child up at swimming. It’s daddy’s time to be an asshole.

  • Draft: Sunday, April 11
  • First Game: Monday, April 19
  • Quintuple Header Day: Saturday, June 5
  • Saturday Games: First Four Saturdays in May
  • Playoffs Begin: Monday, June 21
  • Tournament Day: Saturday, June 26