2023 WSL Awards

For the first time, the Wissahickon Spring League is proud to recognize the many characters that make the League the amazing and unique spectacle that it is.

Awards will be announced on the website today and at the Skating Club tomorrow.

Without further ado, the first ever WSL Awards

Cock Smythe

Playoffs MVP - Cock Smythe
The Cock Smythe Winner

For the WSL Playoff MVP

Dom Serratore

Lady Dingleberry

Pay Lacorte - Lady Dingleberry

Awarded to the WSLer that shows the most ungentlemanly conduct.

Tom LaCorte

Others receiving votes: Z. Blazic, C. Stossel, A. Kloet, K Noce. J. Abrams

Fresh Fish

Fresh Fish - Rookie of the Year

Voted most entertaining/best rookie of the year.

Alex Cohen

Others receiving votes: D. Ko, B Hussa, S Discuillo, H Abendroth

Ban the Can Man

Always Recyle

Awarded to the player who tries the hardest in the league and rarely hangs out after the game.

Zak Blazic

Others receiving votes: J. Abrams, B Agnew, M. Mederios, J. Pisko

In Memoriam

Popular player that left the league with in the last two years. Hopefully for a good or funny reason.


Ryan Frain

Others receiving votes: G. Bevan, J. Eddleman. J. Schmidt, Brady Family

Shart Ross

Shart Ross - League MVP

League MVP for 4th period efforts and overall betterment of the league.

Derek Nash

Others receiving votes: J. Solecki, D. Berkery, S. Carr, S. Dickson

Jack Asshole

Jack Asshole Award - Captain of the year

Captain of the year. Based on vote of the coolest team of the year/best 4th period team

Derek Nash

Others receiving votes: J. Solecki, C. Stossel , B. Gillespie, X. Lofton

Golden Plunger

Golden Plunger Award - Flush your dreams away

To the WSLer that shows baffling dedication to the league at the peril of their marriage, family and career.

Derek Nash

Others receiving votes: F. Kranich, D. Berkery, S. Dickson, T. LaCorte, S. Carr

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11 months ago

Bevan!!!! You got robbed!!! I smell conspiracy!!

11 months ago
Reply to  Chesto

They just felt bad for Frain because he never won anything when he was in the league. Thanks, boys, miss you too. Cheers!

Awarder of Awards
Awarder of Awards
11 months ago

Rocket Rettard: Awarded to the WSLer who most enjoys seeing their name on the scoresheet despite having scored 3-4x already in a game.

Award Season
Award Season
11 months ago

Seems like Agnew was really disappointed he didn’t get the Can Man award. Recount!