2 thoughts on “Jägermeister – 2022 Champions

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    Fantastic tourney day as usual. My voice is still shot. I thought I’d take a minute to try to misremember the big moments:
    1. GOOSE GOT BRUCED! Rough no-call led to Ungentleman Jack making it through to the finals. Thank God, as I’m sure the boys in blue would have gotten unwatchably crushed…
    2. Tumble-itis is real! Earmuffs golfed (AKA showed up feeling no pain) pimped up in an impressive custom smoking jacket. I didn’t see him win King of the Hill, but win he did. 2nd place to Chest-O, who I also missed doing a Chest-plant in his dirty, stank Turkey jersey.
    3. Happy hour went well with Goose running an RBV station and Absinthe doing some absinthe mules.
    4. The golf crew seems to have won a major award for their clutch putting
    5. The “Pay LaCorte!” protests during intermission seemed to have shaken JD to their core. Our league doesn’t typically do any class moves, but freaking great to see Jager make it right – well deserved title, dudes.
    6. Inspiring microphone worked by Greg Beverage, hell of a (hockey) send-off for one of my favorites
    7. Fess crushed it as always with the afterparty, great work as always

    Did I miss anything?

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