Week 2

Monday 9:15 PM
Frankenberries vs Boo Berries
7 Box Score 4
Monday 10:45 PM
Honey Nut Bees vs Tigers
2 Box Score 4
Tuesday 7:20 PM
Rice Krispies vs Trix Rabbits
2 Box Score 11
Tuesday 8:55 PM
Counts vs Crunches
2 Box Score 13
Tuesday 10:30 PM
Lucky Charms vs Toucans
8 Box Score 6

5 thoughts on “Week 2

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    Lets do a better job of picking up after ourselves on the benches boys. Would you want to clean up a used mask or discarded water bottle? Or mop up spit? If Riley can score a goal you can pick up after yourselves. To get beer in the building we have to earn it.

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    looking at some of these scores, had to ask are there any goalies in these league or is it 6v6 with empty nets?

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    I have some friends who are novice players & I am putting out feelers for some old equipment – specifically shoulder pads and pants. So if you guys have any old-assed shit around send it my way. Just average sizes for a guy about 5’10 or so.
    By the time men’s leaguers get rid of equipment it is pretty worn out, but these guys are starting from scratch, so anything to keep those start up costs down.

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