Must Read: WSL Covid Protocols

All skaters are encouraged to review the official WSC COVID Protocols found here:
WSC-COVID-19-Reopening-Procedures_rev-10-20-20.pdf (

The following are the official WSL COVID Protocols that will be in effect upon the start of the season:

  • Masks are required to enter the building and must be worn when getting geared up or geared down. At this time masks are also required during on-ice play.
  • Players use designated folding chair spaces as their open air locker room
  • No beer in the building as this would in effect be a license to not wear your mask
  • Players enter building no sooner than the end of the second period of the prior game so as to minimize the amount of people in the building at any given time
  • Players are encouraged to leave the building within 20 minutes after their game ends so as to minimize the amount of people in the building at any given time
  • Showers are not available at this time as locker rooms continue to be off-limits

We are hopeful that we will be able to relax restrictions sometime during the season. The relaxed restrictions could come in many forms and should be viewed as gradual steps towards a “normal” WSL spectator policy. In the meantime, we will show the livebarn feed of each game in the parking lot to
encourage safe outdoor beverage consumption and keep the spirit of the league intact.

Team Quarantine Rules

If an Individual tests positive for COVID within 48 hours after a WSL game then all players on that team who were exposed to the individual (present at the game) would be forced to quarantine for a designated period of time (based on most recent CDC guidance).

EXCEPTIONS: All individuals who are fully vaccinated do not need to quarantine (CDC determines fully vaccinated as two weeks after the second Pfizer or Moderna shot or 4 weeks after the single J&J shot). Similarly, individuals who have previously been infected with COVID do not need to quarantine (if infected within 90 days of exposure date).

Players and team managers must immediately let WSL management know of any positive COVID cases. Makeup games due to quarantine of significant number of players on a team may, if approved by the league, be rescheduled.

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