18 thoughts on “May the Force Be with You

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    Where the fuck are the fucking rosters and the motherfucking schedule you fucking scumbag pieces of fucking shit.

  2. 2

    win the trade win the league. every year the team that wins made a trade for their “pal “. don’t waste a draft pick on the player just cry because some one picked your boy friend. on the surface it seems like a minor trade.

    • 1

      We ask that you bear with us at this time. We hope to have the schedules released by mid April. On a side note, a dart throwing monkey could out draft Mikey D.

  3. 2

    Are Skeeter/Scooter really separated for the season? If so, we should at least have their teams trade Skeet for Scoot for comedic value. The heckle this year will have to be updated into question form “Skeet?!? Scoot?!? Skeet?!? Scoot?!?”

  4. 1

    Skeet and Skoot being separated is absolutely unacceptable. Trade them to BWH for a rerun of the Cock sand Balls line!

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