Super Saturdays are BACK!!

Saturday 10:30 AM
Honey Nut Bees vs Toucans
2 Box Score 2
Saturday 12:05 PM
Crunches vs Frankenberries
2 Box Score 7
Saturday 1:40 PM
Boo Berries vs Rice Krispies
8 Box Score 10
Saturday 3:15 PM
Tigers vs Trix Rabbits
5 Box Score 8
Saturday 4:50 PM
Counts vs Lucky Charms
2 Box Score 8

13 thoughts on “Super Saturdays are BACK!!

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    Where are all the hecklers, they get canceled? Why are there no insults flying? Who stole Dan Berkery’s tongue? Did Bevan Productions not get a stimmy check to keep the cameras rolling? Why hasn’t Big White taped two warm bottles of Old English to his mittens? How come Jenkins hasn’t gotten naked yet? Who didn’t pay? What happened to Riley? Hasn’t anyone passed out in the parking lot yet? And where have all the dildos gone? No really…..

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      Conspiracy theory websites indicate that the Woods (Hack, Drift and Bock) are not missing, but in fact are controlling the WSL this season, suppressing the so called “deep state”, dick swinging, beer drinking, drug smoking, pigeon chirping core of flunkies. Their motive you ask? To reinstate Sam “The Canman” as the leagues all-time leader in cans recycled in a season.
      Let’s take back our core values and make WSL disfunctional again.

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    Top 3 losers in spring league rn. 1. Bruce no head for the game Valen. 2. Anyone who got the China flu injection. 3. All Biden voters. #stonecoldlosers

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