Tuesday, March 27th

7:20 PM
Sith vs Hutts
8 Box Score 4
8:55 PM
Rebels vs Imperials
6 Box Score 8
10:30 PM
Wookies vs Raiders
0 Box Score 3

4 thoughts on “Tuesday, March 27th

  1. 10

    Pretty solid 4th tonight, especially during the good game. The highlight of the night was when Bocksucker slashed and broke Drac’s stick, so Drac completely o-BLEH-terated him with a body check a few minutes later. Bruce nodded in approval. Sheen also set a Frain-record for ice time clocking in a full 1:27 of playing time.

    • 2

      The other highlight was post game when zamboni guy missed that giant crescent shaped patch of ice and did not appreciate the heckling at all. Took his frustrations out on Hackwood, so we all booed Hackwood. Good times, but zamboni guy may be a bit thin skinned for this cast of characters.

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