2022 – Week 4

Monday 9:00 PM
Crown Royal vs Grey Goose
3 Box Score 5
Monday 10:30 PM
Wild Turkey vs Jägermeister
2 Box Score 4
Tuesday 7:20 PM
Jack Daniels vs Fireball
3 Box Score 8
Tuesday 8:55 PM
酒 (Sake) vs Capt. Morgan
7 Box Score 6
Tuesday 10:30 PM
Espolòn vs Absinthe
1 Box Score 4

5 thoughts on “2022 – Week 4

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    Week 4 Predictions…

    Crown vs. Goose: Flood returns from Florida and plays better than their fill in last week. B. Hayward and Abrams skate fast.

    Turkey vs. Jager: Babyak & Pisko score goals. Whatshisname takes slapshot off of one foot and it goes 100 mph.

    Jack vs. Fireball: Levinson watches all of Fireballs games on Livebarn beforehand. Eddleman skates out of a corner and scores from the slot.

    Sake vs. Captain: N. Hayward wins a bunch of faceoffs. Pilote is a nice guy to everyone after the game.

    Espolon vs. Absinthe: Dom burps really loud. Carter shoots really hard.

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    Hey Dummies! Please refrain from throwing pucks on the ice at the end of night. Don’t make me post the LiveBarn feed. You know who you are!!!

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    Hey dummies listen up, a real alpha male is coming through!!! I’ll have you know i graduated like 130th in my class at Roman so I’m defintietly a really smart dude that knows my shit. Listen up pussies, this is the kind of witty banter that keeps me coming back to follow the WSL year after year. Also, couldn’t help but notice there was an elderly couple watching the 730 game yesterday. Somebody’s Mom and Dad came to see them play, how cute. Dummies!!!

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