Championship Saturday – 2021

Saturday 9:15 AM
Toucans vs Honey Nut Bees
Saturday 10:50 AM
Trix Rabbits vs Crunches
Saturday 12:25 PM
Boo Berries vs Frankenberries
Saturday 1:40 PM
Rice Krispies vs Lucky Charms
Saturday 2:55 PM
Counts vs Tigers
Saturday 4:15 PM
Trix Rabbits vs Honey Nut Bees

17 thoughts on “Championship Saturday – 2021

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    What teams are planing to play their relegation games? Lucky Charms will not be able to field a team for sat so don’t plan on us to show up for the ice slot.

    I propose changing the schedule to
    12:25 Pickup game with costumes /Hijinks for anyone interested

    1:40 Money $$ game – anyone who want a to signup, pays $20, winning team gets the pool. I’ll also chip in a handle of Makers Mark. Should be real competitive fun, no shootout, sudden death

    2:55 let ice slot rest before finals. Drink outside in the sun

    If people are interested, I’ll set up a signup sheet and onlyfans account for payment.

    Make Tourney Day Great Again!!

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    Tigers/Counts are playing at 2:55. Trying to see if we can’t both get 1 more loss in before the season is officially over.

    Interested in money game. Not playing in it, betting on it. Once I see rosters, I know who I can pay to roll over and then short that team

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      Let me see if I can line up a sucker to bet big on your squad then we can talk business. Let’s keep this between you and I for now.

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      Hmmm. If every instinct I have is wrong then the opposite would have to be right. Hi, my name is George. I’m unemployed, and I live with my parents.

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    We got any predictions? I predict the Frain Train runs put of coal without their fraudulently gained star defenseman/league Commish hitting him with stretch passes. Dom may do an impromptu homage to the late DMX at center ice complete with a Ruff Ryders set dirtbike/quad wheelie from end to end Throw up dem X’s boys, where da hood at? .
    That leaves the Bees to face the winner of Rabbits/Crunches.
    Im taking the Crunches. Too much try-hard for the Big Red. Plus they whooped em when they played few weeks back. The Crunches are playing special, plus many of them seem to have Yahweh on their side!!
    Crunches/Bees Final! Can you say boring!!
    Let the Grindiest set of try-hard gym class. jock, hardo grinders win!

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      I like the old-time spelling of “ghey”… very cool. You probably drink in “Olde” City and cruise for tranny hookers in “Olde” Kensington too!! Neato.

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    Chalk so far, I’m going with Bees vs Rabbits. BUT, chalk never wins this league, UNTIL TODAY. As always, bet on goalies. Lala v Flood aka the 2 best every year. Lala lost heartbreaker in OT to Flood last final, so going with Lala and the chalk this year. Smell ya later!

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    Hi Friends,
    It’s your old buddy glory hole. I heard my rubbery friends were welcome this year. I was wondering if I was?

    Mr. Fleshlight and Butt plug were wondering the same.

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    10% goes to the Big Guy on the money games ya yellow snow eating, diesel pumpin’, biscuit nibblers!

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