Playoffs – 2021

Monday 9:00 PM
Tigers vs Lucky Charms
Monday 10:35 PM
Counts vs Rice Krispies
Tuesday 7:20 PM
Lucky Charms vs Honey Nut Bees
3 FINAL (OT) 4
Tuesday 8:55 PM
Boo Berries vs Trix Rabbits
Tuesday 10:30 PM
Rice Krispies vs Crunches
4 FINAL (OT) 5
Wednesday 9:00 PM
Frankenberries vs Toucans

28 thoughts on “Playoffs – 2021

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    The Frankenberries are ready to riot. The 4-5 matchup, AKA the closest matchup of the 1st round, has always been the marquee event of Playoff Tuesday – 10:30 start with maximum heckling, maximum drama. The bullshit 3-6 matchup that no one cares about was always on Wednesday. Now we have to play in front of no one on a Wednesday? And the late game is going to be the Trix Vibrators vs Blue Man Goo? This league deserves a more unhinged nightcap. I’m definitely NOT saying Boo-Urns, Amos.

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    Prediction #1: Mike D and the Krispies win Monday, lose Tuesday. Mike D proclaims “I hate hockey, I don’t know why I even play. This is my last year even though I am better than everyone else.”

    Prediction #2: Mike D drafts a team next season.

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    Contrary to what the Crunches were saying the other night, I don’t think Mike D is a shell of his former self.

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    Who are we collectively rooting against this year? I have some thoughts myself but was just curious what the bone head mass audience was thinking heading into the tournament.

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    Holy Fuck Bruce. Phantom goal call to gift Toucans a win. Video dont lie. You suck isnt nearly enough to describe you.

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    Is there some kind of severe ref shortage that I am unaware of? Or are we just being punished for past bad behavior?

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    It’s really good to see my main man Boyne improve so much a hockey in such a short period of time. That’s him right number 55 on the Toucans? I don’t remember him having a hard Slap Shot like that either, truly inspiring.

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