Last Week

Monday 9:00 PM
Frankenberries vs Boo Berries
8 Box Score 7
Monday 10:35 PM
Trix Rabbits vs Rice Krispies
3 Box Score 6
Tuesday 7:20 PM
Honey Nut Bees vs Tigers
5 Box Score 4
Tuesday 8:55 PM
Toucans vs Lucky Charms
7 Box Score 3
Tuesday 10:30 PM
Crunches vs Counts
10 Box Score 3

14 thoughts on “Last Week

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    SIGH… Well I’d better get this off my chest now – but can somebody tell Stossel (after the beer, Wild Turkey, pot & horse tranquilizers wear off) that yelling “you suck” really loud is NOT a good heckle & it does not get better because he gets louder? Damn it man! We have standards here! A good heckle should cut with surgical precision not be one of those spiked hammers my grandmom used to pound steak with before she cooked it. There are some new players in the league and our heckling has been at about a 7.5 or low 8 out of 10, until tonight’s debacle. Heckling has fallen off & if we can’t improve it with skill then we may have to bring back the instruments, speakers & bull-horns.
    And another thing, the #MeToo movement is soooo 2017. Take off the pink vagina hat!

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    When Stossel does that you have to adjust the tranquilizer-to-beer ratio. The root problem is he blacks out every 10 seconds and forgets that he already yelled “YOU SUUUUCK!!!”. Who in this league has the best supply of muzzles? Wheeling Stossel in like Hanibal Lecter seems like a no-brained for Tourney Day.

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    Can we start playing Kate Smith before games in the WSL? What are the chances the total loser libs complain?

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