New opponent, who dis?

Monday 9:00 PM
Frankenberries vs Rice Krispies
5 Box Score 7
Monday 10:35 PM
Tigers vs Counts
5 Box Score 4
Tuesday 7:20 PM
Boo Berries vs Crunches
2 Box Score 9
Tuesday 8:55 PM
Honey Nut Bees vs Lucky Charms
9 Box Score 5
Tuesday 10:30 PM
Trix Rabbits vs Toucans
5 Box Score 4

5 thoughts on “New opponent, who dis?

  1. 9


    Abrams is a talented dive artist but Danny Berk has a bigger splash zone than Shamu. Today Berk flopped, saying he got hit in the ear. More like he didn’t feel like back checking during a PP.

  2. 6


    May have been the game of the year tonight in Trix vs. Toucan. Good to see some hecklers in the stands. Still room to improve though. No referees or goalies cried.

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