Sign Up for Spring League 2021

It’s really happening! Wis Spring League returns for the 2021 season!

Reserve your spot today.

  • 12 league games, playoffs and tournament.
  • Games scheduled for Mondays, Tuesday nights and Saturday afternoons.
  • Draft set for Sunday, April 11
  • League fee is $300, includes jersey (no half payment option available this year)
  • Registration Deadline is Friday, March 26th.

4 thoughts on “Sign Up for Spring League 2021

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    Breaking news: Andre Lennertz (aka the goat, aka the D.R.E., aka Andre 1994) has announced he is coming out of retirement and will retake his place as the leagues best player and bring home the cup to whoever drafts him.

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      I guess I better go ahead and dust off the old type writer then. I’m feeling inspired for the first time in years…

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