Playoffs: Thursday, May 30th

Thursday 7:45 PM
Cypress Hill vs Public Enemy
7 FINAL (SO) 6
Thursday 9:10 PM
De La Soul vs Fat Boys

8 thoughts on “Playoffs: Thursday, May 30th

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    For anyone interested in the Losers’ Bracket at Walnut Lane Saturday morning, I grabbed 3 tee times (9:45, 9:56, 10:07) and we have 5 spots left. $40 with cart. BYOB.

    Frain Train
    Deep Cuts Curt
    Myles not-so Cool Davis
    LL Cool Jay
    Moriello Mic
    Crunkin’ Corey

    Depending on pace of play, was thinking a 2- or 4- man scramble, 1 stroke given for every 2 or 4 beers finished. If a loser team wants a tee time, speak up.

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        Strangely, the “Broke My Neck at Old York Road” was removed from youtube. WTF??!!

        I was trying to show my kid so we could have a family moment & laugh at OYR. As usual some old crone has to ruin everyone’s fun. What’s next – Prohibition?

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