Monday, June 11th

Monday 9:00 PM
Rebels vs Troopers
3 Box Score 7
Monday 10:35 PM
Wookies vs Hunters
3 Box Score 5

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4 thoughts on “Monday, June 11th

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    Hunters 3-1

    Weak and ineffectual Rebels don’t have the kind of firepower (or enough red helmets) to beat the strong Troopers team play and goaltending…Sad!!

    Boring Wookies vs uninspired Hunters…Hunters on top because of sockless Goalie and hopeless Wookies (lack of) offense. This game is as exciting as watching my son Baron play pin the tail on the retard vs all my ex wives. Expect the old try-hards on Hunters to also try-hard!! Gotta go, get back to Fox News and eat a Big Mac, til then -The Donald

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    Troops 6-2
    Wookies 9-1

    Troopers are that team that will definitely be playing on Sunday morning. Can’t stop a motivated motivated line of Brady, John Selectivelyskating, and “insert most generic name ever” Bob Smith.

    If the Wookies cut the bench, no one will out score them. Feder and Miles (new guy) can definitely score at least 7 tonight. that leaves 2 for Dr. Jones. apparently OMG goalie will be there tonight as well, juggling 2 hours prior to the puck drop.

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      That’s one hell of a bender, Boob. If the Troopers are still there on Sunday morning, may the Washington Capitals bow at their feet in celebratory action respect.

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