Tuesday, June 5th

7:20 PM
Sith vs Raiders
7 Box Score 3
8:55 PM
Troopers vs Scoundrels
3 Box Score 5
10:30 PM
Hunters vs Wookies
6 Box Score 3

22 thoughts on “Tuesday, June 5th

  1. 2

    It’s gonna get weird tonight. I predict actual hecklers in the actual stands, not this rimjob bullshit we’ve seen all year where everyone stands outside the locker rooms. If you’re allergic to the stands, at least have the decency to bake in your car for 4 hours like Heavy D.

  2. 3

    I agree. This last game needs to be a shit show. Not enough bullshit in the stands and not enough bullshit in general. We need More beer , more drugs and for fucks sake more dildos. WHERE THE FUCK ARE ALL THE DILDOS

  3. 1

    99% sure the standings are off if all these ties are based on Head to Head for the first tie breaker.

    • 0

      The first tie breaker of head to head, can’t be used for the three way tie at 14 points.
      Jedi win h2h over Hutts, Sith win h2h over Jedi and Sith and Hutts split their games.
      As a result, the next tie breaker between those three teams is wins. That’s why Hutts finished in 3rd. I agree that it seems insane.

  4. 1

    Jorts how was your dootie from those pancakes and bacon?
    Did it squish around and stink up the stands?
    Did it give you diaper rash?
    Did you go dumpster diving for Fess’s last Saturday bbq?

  5. 5


    You are officially the weirdest guy in the WSL. Congrats! You make Dan Berk seem like Mr. Rogers & Big White seem like Martha Stewart.
    – DD
    P.S. I think the zam driver quit last night

  6. 1

    Congratulations to Laux on both the Rocket Ritard and the Shart Ross, true underdog story!

    We need some playoff predictions from Val. Also, did Jorts lock up League MVP on Tuesday for his performance as Rowdy Roddy Diaper?

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