Monday, March 26th

9:00 PM
Hunters vs Troopers
3 Box Score 8
10:35 PM
Jedi vs Scoundrels
7 Box Score 5

4 thoughts on “Monday, March 26th

  1. 6

    here goes…

    Troopers have the best odds for the championship; 5 – 2. next is the Scoundrels at 7-1. everyone else is 50-1 except Frains 1000-1 since they choke in the playoffs every year.

    top goal scorer:
    1. Frain / A. Brady
    3. Laux
    4. Berk (the one who shows up but may get suspended)
    5. Eddelman

    most assists:
    1-5: Sullivan (even though he doesn’t play here anymore, he’s still creeping those secondary assists)

    best goalie:
    1: whatever, let these freaks argue over the best save percentage raging from 61-72%

    best Curci:
    1: Brian
    3: Worsi

    best I wish i had this guy 10 years ago:
    1: Jim Bernick
    2: Carter Leonards
    3: Amos (ass) Burns
    4: Paul Geib
    5; Brian Jones

    most likely to eat your pet:
    1; hoon
    2 fat wang

    hurting someone really badly:
    1; Derek Fess
    even though he cooks a monster BBQ

    best Quinn:
    1; they both suck

    best Skeet Skoot:
    1: which is which and does it matter?

    most Italian name:
    1; Tulio
    2: Tulio
    3: Tulio
    4; Tulio
    5: Tulio

    Did cleary get fat again?
    1: yes
    2; probably

    thats all i got right now.

    end of seasons predictions: scoudrels have to play the Stormtoopers in the finals but are really drunk so the Stormies pull it out

    Feder has another average year, defense is overrated, and boobs are so cool

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