Tuesday, May 23

7:20 PM
Horrors vs Campers
5 Box Score 9
8:55 PM
Chainsaws vs Chuckys
3 Box Score 6
10:30 PM
Nosferatu vs Hellraisers
3 Box Score 4

6 thoughts on “Tuesday, May 23

  1. 1

    Upset city last night! The Pinheads taking down Nose-farts, but getting no help from the Horrors or Chainsaws. We are just about guaranteed to have a 7-win team playing in the Pooper Bowl, maybe even an 8-win team.

    The Nude Pissington thing has really taken a life of its own, I laughed for many minutes reading the comments yesterday.

  2. 5

    Early favorites to show up in man rompers on tourney day:

    2:1 a dude from the Chainsaws

    4:3 Hockey Bob (it’s gotta be big in Fishtown by now)

    3:1 Bock (as long as it’s Vineyard Vines issued)

    5:1 Steve “Crocodile Hunter” Irwin, reincarnated

    7:1 If someone on the Campers is insightful enough to dress as Michael Myers (it counts)

    8:1 Jerry somehow combines his jorts with a denim jacket and attaches them together Martha Stewart style and is forever nicknamed, “Canadian Tuxedo”

    10:1 the field

    • 2

      Similarly to some of these teams vying for the 4-5-6 spots that are currently surging, the site moderators apparently don’t start seriously playing until late in the season. Capiche?

  3. 0

    Since we have essentially a full moon cycle and a Haley’s comet between games, Ole’ Nicky is about to go out on a limb and start the predictions. Feel free to “climb in” and get keyboard bold and spruce this layoff up a bit, eh?

    Hellraisers/Predators in the twilight game on 6/17 and the Preds win in a squeaker.

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